• Rock Stars are Just Like Us … They Love Sex Toys Too!

    As reported by SexToys247.net.au – Adult Toys Store – If you need any more proof that stars are just like us, besides tabloid pages where stars are dressed down and grocery shopping that is, take a look at our list of music’s superstars who can’t get enough of their sex toys!

    Here’s some video proof

    While we’re sure that there are plenty more that have a fun little vibrating friend, after all there aren’t too …

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  • Musicians That Bared it All in 2015

    For some it was an album cover, for others a magazine shoot, and for some it was a photo taken by paparazzi that showed some of our favourite stars in their full glory away from their instruments and microphones and sporting only their birthday suit.

    Miley Cyrus
    Google Miley bears it all
    We’re starting with Miley because let’s face it, when this girl gets naked it’s no surprise. She’s been photographed wearing pasties and next …

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  • Pope Francis: Leader of the Catholic Church, Bishop of Rome, Rock Star

    Check out this Pope Francis rock album ..

    The current pope of the Catholic Church is certainly known for his humility and more modern approach to faith, and his newest endeavor is certainly something that none of his predecessors ever attempted. Ever since his induction in 2013 the world has been watching what this modern pope would do next, but no one quite expected him to become a rock star. On Friday November 27 the …

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  • Five Amazing Musicians Whom We Lost in 2015

    2015 saw some amazing musical talent pass from this world and though they’re gone we have a feeling that they will live on forever in their music. No eulogy other than a full discography of these stars could really suffice, so we’ve compiled a list of the five top artists that have been lost this year and the best albums to remember them by.

    Percy Sledge (November 25, 1941-April 14, 2015)
    “When a Man Loves …

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  • Musician or Actor? 5 Celebrities that are Doing Both

    In the game of LIFE you don’t usually end up with two careers where you’re a megastar in both, but of course when I play the game of LIFE I also end up with a husband and tell everyone that it’s Johhny Depp, so what do I know? But there are definitely some stars out there that seem to have stacked the deck and embarked on a double career path that has them both acting …

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