Musicians That Bared it All in 2015


For some it was an album cover, for others a magazine shoot, and for some it was a photo taken by paparazzi that showed some of our favourite stars in their full glory away from their instruments and microphones and sporting only their birthday suit.

Miley Cyrus
Google Miley bears it all
We’re starting with Miley because let’s face it, when this girl gets naked it’s no surprise. She’s been photographed wearing pasties and next to nothing multiple times and this year she got down to the buff for both Candy and Paper Magazine. Her cover shot for Paper Magazine featured all the goodies covered up as she hugged her pet pig Bubba Sue but once inside you could see the full glory of Miley topless. The artistic photo shot by Diane Martel is a surreal pic with white eyes, a third eye on her forehead and unexplainable white streaks down her neck. Miley is certainly not shy of getting down to the skin and with a few days left of 2015 at the time this article is written we’re sure she’ll be caught naked again before the start of 2016.

Rita Ora
It wasn’t for a magazine or an album cover, instead Rita Ora’s naked, well almost naked, pic was put up by the star herself on Instagram. It follows the picture sharing site’s hard-line rules regarding nudity by some strategic arm and leg placements, but the sight of her in some red stilettos and nothing else on a white folding chair is undoubtedly something to behold.

John Legend
While on a trip with his wife Chrissy Teigen singer John Legend dropped his pants and showed that he’s far too trusting around his cheeky wife. She’s an Instagram star and wasted no time posting a shot of her husband’s rather toned derriere.

Katy Perry
Coming from a gospel background it’s always surprising that Katy Perry is as far out there as she is, but in 2015 she bared it all, almost, for a Moschino ad. The tasteful pic shows Perry draped in an oversized Moschino coat, a handbag, and gold heels. The coat barely covers her and some Perry side boob can be seen poking out. It’s tasteful, but still a glimpse at the star under the bizarre stage outfits.

Selena Gomez
This Bieber-ex released a more grown up album this year with Revival and it’s reached the top of the charts. To show off her matured voice and songs the cover photo was done with Gomez in the buff, though she actually revealed later that she was wearing cut-off shorts for the photo. Definitely not as daring with showing off her body as her ex has been this year, for Selena the naked album shot was about presenting herself exactly as she is to her fans.

Justin Bieber
Oh Justin, he’s a bad boy and when he’s on vacation he likes to go without the burden of clothing. A frequent visitor to tropical isles, the pop star has had several incidences this year where he’s been photographed in the nude. One of those shots was taken by Justin, or at least someone in his entourage, as he posed on a boat after skinny dipping and posted on Instagram. He’s not shy about his body and seems to delight in showing it off. He was also photographed by paparazzi in Bora Bora in some infamous pics that showed off Bieber’s rather impressively sized manhood.