Rock Stars are Just Like Us … They Love Sex Toys Too!


As reported by – Adult Toys Store – If you need any more proof that stars are just like us, besides tabloid pages where stars are dressed down and grocery shopping that is, take a look at our list of music’s superstars who can’t get enough of their sex toys!

Here’s some video proof >

While we’re sure that there are plenty more that have a fun little vibrating friend, after all there aren’t too many that feel comfortable discussing the contents of their bedside drawer especially when it becomes news, there are a few that have admitted to keeping a full stock of batteries, just in case.

The sexy Barbadian songstress is no stranger to the idea of a spicy bedroom as you can tell from listening to any number of her songs like her chart topper “S&M”. Well it turns out that Rihanna may have been writing that song based on some personal experience. There’s been numerous stories about Rihanna and her apparent love of sex toys, in fact it’s rare that she stops in a major town and doesn’t make a trip to a sex shop, usually with paparazzi in tow. In a recent trip to Paris it was reported that she stopped into a sex shop and dropped over $1500 on sex toys that included handcuffs, lingerie, scented candles, and plenty of toys. She’s also been spotted at adult shops in Sydney, Australia and Ottawa, Canada picking up some vibrators for her collection – reportedly selected from these vibrators.

Miley Cyrus
We’re pretty sure that this one isn’t a big surprise, after all Miley Cyrus loves to shock and seems to be in a somewhat oversexed frame of mind these past couple of years. She recently tweeted a picture of her favourite dildo, a rather large sized hand that’s generally used for fisting. According to the post her dildo has a duck bill shape as opposed to a full fist, but when you’re talking that size we’re not so sure there’s that much of a difference. We’re really wondering if freaky Miley has the Finally Mylie! Love Doll for some super messed up fun.

Beyonce and Jay-Z
It seems this musical power couple doesn’t shy away from some fun in the bedroom and likes there sex toys as much, or even a little more based on the amount they spend, than the average person. In 2013 reports emerged that Beyonce and Jay-Z had visited a New York City sex shop and dropped a whopping $6000 on X-rated treats.
While it was reported that none of their purchases were tacky or extreme there were apparently some top-of-the line items and some of them were gold-plated. We all know that the Queen B and her hubby have expensive tastes, but we found a couple of toys that were gold plated and not likely to push your bill up into the thousands of dollars range like the gold bullets from Rocks-Off.

Kid Rock
While the other stars we’ve gone over have been spotted in sex shops or posting their favourite toys online Kid Rock’s claim to sex toy fame is a little more complicated. It seems that he’s embroiled in the middle of a lawsuit along with the Insane Clown Posse and their record label, Psychopathic Records. At the meat of the case is the contention that an employee was given a glass dildo similar to the ones from Pipedreams Icicles collection by a coworker. Somehow Kid Rock came to be in possession of the dildo and he’s been ordered to surrender the glass sex toy as evidence. Though we’re sure that the dildo may be important in the case we’re also sure that if it’s been in Kid Rock’s possession we might just want a picture of it instead of actually having to touch and handle it in court.